Whether it is the meat substitute or sugar alternatives, plant proteins are defining the future of food for the coming generations. For today’s millennial consumers these are going to be the conclusive answers to all their issues from increased carbon prints, environmental damage, health and not to mention religious concerns.

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Plant protein options for meat alternatives

03.30.2018 By Jeff Gelski
KANSAS CITY — While national restaurant chains have added plant-based burgers to their menus, the plant protein sources have expanded beyond the use of soy. White Castle (black beans as a protein source), Red Robin (ancient grains), TGI Fridays (peas) and Sonic (mushrooms) all have offered burgers with plant protein in 2018. Read More >>

Foods for Tomorrow's ‘new generation’ plant-based protein

05-Jul-2018 By Katy Askew
Spanish start-up Foods for Tomorrow has developed what it describes as a “new generation” of plant-based protein products. The company intends to accelerate growth through a focus on innovation and expansion into new European markets.  Read More >>