Founder Profiles

  • Abhiram Dukkipati, PhD (Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer)

    Founder of Magellan Life Sciences® Pvt. Ltd., Abhiram received his B.Tech from Anna University, Chennai and a Ph.D in Biology from Syracuse University, USA. As an Evelyn J. Neitzer research fellow at Stanford University, he pioneered the development of the BacMam Protein Expression platform for structural biology applications. This platform was instrumental in the structure determination efforts of numerous high value membrane protein drug targets. He is the recipient of a Marie Curie European fellowship from the European Union for technology transfer of the Bacmam platform into Ireland.

    Dr. Dukkipati has worked in collaboration with several multinational pharma companies on the structure determination efforts of their proprietary protein targets. He is a co-author of several high impact peer reviewed publications and a speaker at several international conferences.

    Dr. Dukkipati heads the scientific research team and is responsible for identifying novel opportunities in the field of life sciences including vaccines, therapeutics and recombinant food products. He is actively involved in day to day scientific affairs of the company's overall scientific vision, business and growth strategies.

  • Laxmi S. Wagle (Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer)

    Laxmi holds an MFA in Advertising from Savannah College of Art and Design, USA, prior to which she received her BFA in Commercial Arts from Sophia College, Mumbai. After her graduation in US, she had the opportunity of working with some of the most leading advertising/design agencies like Beverage Food Group Com, Cartoon Network, Wit America, T. Vanderbilt etc.

    During the outsourcing wave in the early part of the decade, she decided to make the shift to the management side, while working with KPOs (Knowledge Processing Outsourcing Units) who had offshore offices in India and Colombia. She moved back to India in 2009 to start her own KPO, Thought Waves Media Pvt. Ltd.

    In 2013, she co-founded Magellan Life Sciences® with Dr. Abhiram and is the Chief Executive Officer of the company today. She is responsible for the company's brand image, legal and financial management. As a strategist, she handles the key collaboration and investor relations keeping in mind the company’s scientific vision and ensuring that it aligns with the right profiles.

  • Dr. Dukkipati Nageshwara Rao (Director)

    Dr. Rao is an Innovator and a Serial Entrepreneur. He is a graduate in Electronic Engineering from Andhra University, a post-graduate in Electronic Engineering from Birla Institute of Science & technology, Pilani and a Doctorate from University of Strathclyde, UK. He is an author of numerous research papers in various International journals and an invited speaker at numerous International Seminars and conferences.

    After earning his Ph.D and working abroad for a short term with Plessey communications, Dr. Rao returned to India and founded Duke Arnics Pvt. Ltd. During the 90's, Duke Arnics became a pioneer in India with global recognition in the field of Electricity Metering, Monitoring and Management Systems. Dr. Rao capitalized on this success through strategic disinvestment to the Havell's group. He subsequently founded X_Design Venture Pvt. Ltd. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of Jayem Automotives Ltd. and Nava Bharat Ventures Ltd.

    Dr. Rao is a Patron and former General Secretary of Vignana Jyothi Group of educational institutes. He is a visiting faculty member at the Engineering Staff college of India and Rural Electricity Institute. Dr. Rao has served as a director of APEDC, Govt., Andhra Pradesh and today plays an active role in many Trade Associations at State and National levels. Dr. Rao is actively involved in the strategic decisions of the company and brings with him an insight through his personal experience, in taking a company from the startup phase to being acquired.