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Magellan Life Sciences® Gets Nominated for HiE 2018 Europe Startup Innovation Challenge

Startup Innovation Challenge 2018 nominees: Alternative proteins, upcycling side-streams: Magellan Life Sciences (UK): Magellan Life Sciences is a synthetic biology company developing novel platforms to produce plant-inspired molecules to address global health and wellness needs. Their leading molecule is a natural non-caloric protein sweetener called brazzein that is inspired by the scarce West African fruit Oubli. They are positioned as the global leaders in developing a scalable and sustainable production for brazzein. Click here to read more >>


Brazzein scale-up: “Nature has the answer to sugar reduction,” says Magellan Life Sciences CEO

Food Ingredient First   |  11 Jul 2018 By Elizabeth Green

UK-based Magellan Life Sciences is scaling up their production of brazzein, through its patent-pending fermentation process. The company believes it will be the first to market the natural sweetener on a major scale. Using an FDA-approved microorganism strain and food-grade chemicals, Magellan Life Sciences has developed a unique process that promises commercial quantities of brazzein that are “identical to nature.” Click here to read more >>


UK firm claims to have first commercially viable scale-up process for brazzein

Food Navigator  |   22-Jun-2018 By Niamh Michail

Magellan Life Sciences says its patent-pending fermentation process to scale up the sweet-tasting protein brazzein will make it the first company to market the natural, zero-calorie sweetener. Click here to read more >>